Do you have relatives and friends around the world?
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Family likes me. I love my family!
I am Thomas. They are my grandparents.
It is very simple. Enter your and your parents' data for the family tree. Then we will assist you. You can limit yourself to a personal memory book or integrate the people you want in it. Children, siblings, parents, uncles, grandchildren, cousins, are relatives waiting for news from you and you want to have them close.There are so many events you can't attend, but they will be written in your memories book by your relatives. There are so many things you would like to say to your relatives. Post them in the memories book and attach the pictures that your loved ones are waiting to see. There will come a time when you will want to look back. Open your memories book and it will tell you.
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You can encrypt media files with a custom key. After appearing on the monitor, the decrypted file is automatically deleted.
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